Holiday Yarn Advent Day #18

Warning! Knitting Advent Calendar Spoilers!

It’s time for the 18th day of my Holiday Yarn Advent Calendars from Moonglow Yarn, Asylum Fiber (purchased from The Knitting Place) and the Stitch Marker Advent Calendar from Firefly Notes.

Spoilers ahead, please don’t read if you don’t want them, because they’re coming up ahead.

Asylum Fiber’s Advent Calendar

Asylum Fiber's Holiday Yarn Advent Day #18
Asylum Fiber’s The Knitting Place Advent Calendar Day #18

Here is the next addition to Asylum Fiber’s Advent. It’s a medium colored blue with splashes of dark blue, therefore this will be an excellent addition to my Radvent Cardigan. I can’t wait to finish opening this holiday yarn advent, so that I can get started on the next side. Waiting has taken some of the fun out of opening the advent, because it’s halted al of my progress. I am hopeful that I will get restarted again as soon as Day #24 is opened though.

Radvent Cardigan with day #11 in progress.
Modified Radvent Cardigan to only do half the amount of increases. This is through day #10, with day #11 in progress.

Moonglow Yarn Advent Calendar

Moonglow Yarn Co Advent Calendar Day #18
Moonglow Yarn Co Advent Calendar Day #18

This Moonglow Yarn Co’s color is called Stargazer and I think it’s the perfect name for the dark blue. This holiday yarn advent is amazing. I have decided that as a secondary project, after I work on the first one, I am going to do the Litmus Cowl by Stranded Dyeworks with the remainder of this yarn because I think that the rainbow theme would be amazing for this pattern.

Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Calendar

Day #18 is a set of acorns on the stitch marker. I love this advent calendar, because all of the Woodland Stitch Markers are so cute. I think I want to find a cute pouch to put all of these in to keep them together, maybe something with a forest-like theme.

Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Day #18
Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Day #18
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