Children’s Oversized Raglan

Yarn Used for Children’s Oversized Raglan: Marble Chunky by James C Brett.

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Children's Oversized Raglan modelled by my daughter

I have been working on this Children’s Oversized Raglan on and off for my daughter for some of this week. I haven’t been knitting on it exclusively; otherwise, it’d be complete. I won this yarn from a giveaway from the Frivolous and Frugal podcast. If you haven’t checked out their YouTube channel, you should. You can find it here.

This yarn is super soft and squishy, and pretty perfect for my kiddos. I knew as soon as I saw it that they both needed some oversized raglan’s from it. The yarn spoke to me and said it wanted to become two giant, comfortable sweaters worn during the upcoming Michigan weather.

Comfy, Cozy Lounging Sweater

There isn’t a pattern (can you tell? 😊). I just cast on provisionally and started working on a design with raglan increases. I want the sweater to feel like one of those large sweatshirts thrown on when you aren’t going anywhere, maybe staying inside and watching a movie.

The design isn’t complicated, and I’ve taken notes, so once I complete it and then upsize it (for my son), I will write the pattern and post it for free. There won’t be any testing or anything, but it will also be free (and without annoying ads) and hopefully a printer-friendly version. Just a button to click to print out just the text.

So far, my daughter loves it. She keeps asking if it’s finished (yet). I think I will ask for her input on the neck to see how she wants it to lay, and I’ve already been asking how she wants the sleeves, allowing her to feel part of the design process. Hopefully, I will finish it next week; that is the best part about using bulky yarn.

She is pictured above, wearing the children’s oversized raglan in it’s “in process” stage.

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