The Knitting Place Advent Calendar

The Knitting Place Advent Calendar (Festival of Lights & Comforts) (

Dyed by Asylum Fibers:

Purchased from The Knitting Place:

Asylum Fibers Hand Dyed Yarn Advent Calendar, purchased at the Knitting Place.
Look what’s here, look what’s here!

Where did I purchase it?

The Knitting Place has a podcast, and I love watching it. Sometime earlier this year, they announced they were going to have a winter advent calendar this year. I was immediately excited and knew that I was going to purchase it.

2021 is my first year opening up yarn advent calendar boxes, and I have three of them. In my possession, I have two yarn advent calendars and one stitch marker calendar. Because I am so excited, I am counting down the days till I can start opening them.

Inside of Asylum Fibers Advent Calendar, No spoilers!
An inside view of the box. See the candy? I can’t wait for the first of December!

Ordering from The Knitting Place is a great experience, and it does not disappoint. The Knitting Place Advent Calendar box arrived very quickly after shipping, and with no problems. The advent calendar is a beautiful and festive box with numbers to open for each day.

About the Dyer

The dyer for this yarn is Asylum Fibers, and you can find their website here ( It’s easy to get lost in all the fantastic website pictures and all of their yarn look beautiful and incredibly vivid. However I have never been fortunate enough to try a yarn skein from them before, which is why I cannot wait to start opening the boxes.

If you look at the pictures, you’ll see some yummy candy included in the package. So my kids will delight in sharing those great treats with me.

It was mentioned on The Knitting Place podcast that there would be a pattern for the advent released, and I am almost 100% positive that I will make it. I am so excited to participate in a knit-along for the advent calendar this year.

The Advent’s Theme

The advent calendar’s theme is “The Festival of Lights & Comforts,” and is a perfect way to describe all the beautiful festivities that happen during the winter and fall. Because of the fantastic theme, beautiful yarn, colorful box, and what’s sure to be a great pattern, it seems like the perfect box to bring some warmth and comfort throughout the winter months.

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