Musselburgh Hat by Ysolda Teague

Musselburgh Hat by Ysolda Teague ( (Ravelry Link):

Musselburgh (Ysolda’s website link) Pattern Download:

Yarns Used: Stardust Fiber Studios (Cassiopeia in color Stardust/Random Color Mystery box):,

The outside of my Musselburgh Hat.

I am so happy that I finished my Musselburgh hat. You can find most of my comments here (, but I do have some items that I felt like mentioning.

I am going to knit this hat again, and again. Probably even a couple more times. It’s the nicest, calmest knitting. The pattern has you swatch as you go (bonus!) and it’s just so perfect. The yarn that I used to make this made, honestly, the softest hat that I’ve ever felt. I have to dig more out of my stash, because it was so soft.

The inside of my Musselburgh hat, a lighter blue color.

If I had to change anything about how I knit it, I would have made it longer. I like a longer hat that can be folded and still cover the ears. The reason it’s shorter is because I thought I knew better than what the pattern did. I was wrong. This is easily remedied though for next time.

I can see this pattern being kept on the needles all the time, because once you get past the start, it really is just relaxing knitting. It reminds me of how everyone refers to sock knitting as, “Take everywhere knitting”. This is what I would consider car knitting (or zoom knitting, or meeting knitting) and you get a nice hat at the end.

It seems like the Musselburgh Hat by Ysolda Teague is a very popular pattern, for a very good reason. You can use any yarn, you swatch as you go and the finished object is so soft.

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